Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer suppliers
Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer suppliers
Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer suppliers
Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer suppliers
Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer suppliers

Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer Home Floor Scrubber T15

Compact Walk Behind Scrubber, designed for quick and flexible cleaning of small areas. Equipped with adjustable handle to make cleaning more flexible and meet the cleaning process and standard requirements of different business forms, suitable for cleaning the area of 20 to 200㎡.

  • Cleaning Width(mm):

  • Machine Dimensions(mm):

  • Working Capacities(㎡/h):

  • Solution Tank(L):

  • Recovery Tank(L):

  • Brush Quantity:

  • Working Brush(inch):

  • High working efficiency

    T15B Model is equipped with two 12V36AH AGM batteries, which can last for 135min; T15BT Model is equipped with one 24V28AH lithium battery, which can last for 90min.
  • Water saving Extend working time

    The EC0 mode is more energy efficient (T15B/T15BT).
  • Small and compact

    With adjustable handle, the machine can be placed in the trunk after the handle is folded to lowest, which is more convenient for switching in different places and thus saving the cost.
  • More convenient for cleaning edges

    The squeegee can be rotated 180°, forward and backward, which is suitable for corner cleaning.
Product ·Features


Electronic water control 

The water amount can be adjusted in three levels, of which the endurance time at level 1 is 40min, and 124min at level 2. You can adjust it to the appropriate level according to the actual needs.


02High efficiency vacuum motor and silence system 

Only two bolts are needed for the motor installation, and the disassembly is easy as well. The wiring is directly connected to the rear controller without excessive joint and wiring in the middle, and you don’t need to worry about water inflow. The vacuum motor is featured with ECO mode, and the noise of the machine is lower than 68 dB.


Motor central water outlet system

The motor central water outlet system can improve the cleaning effect of the brush, so that the clean water and detergent can be evenly distributed on the brush to save water and detergent.

04Anti-overflow design for suction opening

The design effectively solves the problem of water inflow into vacuum motor when the recovery tank is full, thus avoiding the damage of the vacuum motor.

05The tank cover is integrated with the water inlet.

Featured with the snap-in connection, which is convenient for disassembly and installation; The drainage pipe and vacuum pipe are externally connected, which is convenient for plug and unplug.

06Stacking tank designThe tank is designed in the vertical stacking mode, which can be fast assembled and disassembled without fixed mechanical connection.


07Design of telescopic suction hose
The telescopic suction hose can be shortened as much as possible while ensuring the horizontal moving of the squeegee.


 Specification  Model T15E T15B T15BT-LI
Working width mm 330 330 330
Squeegee width mm 432 432 432
Capacities ㎡/h 1597 1597 1597
Battery  working hours h none 1.5 1.5
Brush quantity pcs 1 1 1
working brush inch 13" 13" 13"
Brush pressure kg 20 20 20
Brush rpm rpm 180 180 180
Brush motor V/W AC110~220/350 24/350 24/350
Suction motor V/W AC110~220/330 24/330 24/330
Solution tank l 15 15 15
Recovery tank l 20 20 20
Dimensions mm 640x460x1100 640x460x1100 640x460x1100
Net weight kg 50 50 50
T15E T15B T15BT
Application Scenarios

It is suitable for cleaning floors tpyes of cement, resin, marble, ceramic tile and so on, and can be widely used in areas including production workshops, airports, bus stations, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, logistics centers etc.

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