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  • TVX Cleaning the School in Ecuador
    TVX Cleaning the School in Ecuador
    About Education Scenario You can find lots of similarities when cleaning the education and healthcare cases. 1. Have both large and narrow spaces. The reception room, classroom, washroom and office are narrow spaces so they need a compact but flexible floor scrubber machine to clean the floor. But the reception hall and corridor are large so you need a powerful floor cleaning machine to maintain the floor. 2. The most popular floor choice is PVC, linoleum or VCT floor, all of them are resilient floors, safe and easy to maintain.    TVX Cleaning Solution In this case, our dealer supports the local customer with 3 types of floor scrubbing machines, the compact floor scrubber T15  to take care of narrow spaces. T35, as the small floor scrubber, can clean the classroom and corridors, small but effective. T90 is our small ride-on floor scrubber, with the smallest radius of turning circle, it can clean a large-area place but is very flexible to avoid obstacles.   Cleaning Tips As for the children and patients, they both need special care for safety. So we need to clean the floor more often. Accordingly, we need to maintain and clean up the machine every day, especially for the rubber strip squeegee and waterway system, which is easier to hide accumulated stains.   As for the cleaner choice, do not choose the floor cleaner with strong alkalinity or acidity. The neutral cleaner is more friendly with no pungent smell. Do you have similar cleaning problems, welcome to reach us for a free solution.   Customize My Free Solution            
  • TVX Floor Scrubber Machine Clean Harbin Metro Station
    TVX Floor Scrubber Machine Clean Harbin Metro Station
    Case Introduction Harbin Metro refers to the urban rail transit serving Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China and Harbin Metropolitan Area. Its first line was opened for trial operation on September 26, 2013. Due to the high population traffic there, it is always easy to produce stains and dirt like footprint, food and drinks residue, scratches and stained marks. It is much more difficult to maintain the hygiene standard so it needs more frequent maintenance and effective cleaning machines.     TVX Cleaning Solution  Since the metro station is not so big area so we recommend the T55 walk-behind medium floor scrubber machine. It's small, flexible, and highly efficient. Besides, it has low noise and no exhaust emissions, more green and environment-friendly. It integrates scrubbing, washing and absorbing water, and can clean deep dirt. As a new type of floor cleaning equipment, it can instantly clean the dust and surface oil stains on various hard floors. Do you have similar cleaning problems, welcome to reach us for a free solution.   Customize My Free Solution        
  • Nissan Factory Choose TVX Floor Scrubber Machine
    Nissan Factory Choose TVX Floor Scrubber Machine
    Case Introduction Dongfeng Nissan Factory is an important part of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. It is engaged in the research and development, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service of passenger cars, and is one of the domestic automobile enterprises with a full value chain. Dongfeng Nissan obtained our information online and then contacted us to purchase our walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubber machine. Their factory area is large, and the labor cost is high, so as to reduce the cost of personnel, they need a productive cleaning way to clean the factory.     TVX Customized Solution As industrial manufacturing plant, they both have narrow aisles and large stocking areas. And for the stocking, the shelves make the road more compact so they need a combination cleaning solution.   T45 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber, good for cleaning the narrow and small area. With 510mm cleaning width and 2050 ㎡/h working efficiency, it can clean a majority of small areas like the reception hall, aisles and some offices.   T90 Small Ride-On Floor Scrubber Machine, the most flexible ride-on machine. It can clean big areas and avoid collisions with shelves and barriers at the same time.   T150 Powerful Ride On Floor Scrubbing Machine, it can clean the large area of the manufacturing plant. With up to 6830 ㎡/h cleaning efficiency and 150L solution tank, it can continue to work 4.5 hours. Do you have similar cleaning problems, welcome to reach us for a free solution.   Customize My Free Solution    
  • Youth Olympic Sports Park Cleaning and Sweeping
    Youth Olympic Sports Park Cleaning and Sweeping
    Case Introduction Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park, located in Pukou District, Nanjing, is a new venue for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, with a total land area of about 1.01 million square meters, including 21000 seats in the stadium, which is qualified to host NBA basketball games. The entry of the TVX ride-on floor sweeper machine proves that we can also cover large commercial scenarios. There are many people in parks and scenic spots, and there are many people walking and playing in daily life. Therefore, the general cleaning usually focuses on the time period before and after the opening of the park or when there is little traffic. When there is a lot of traffic, the sanitation and cleaning workers are scattered in each area for cleaning.     Why TVX Floor Cleaning Machines The use of the floor sweeper cleaner can enhance the speed and quality of sweeping, and can completely clean up floor leaves, paper scraps, bottle caps, food waste, etc. in a short time. In recent years, the labor cost has risen sharply, and the difficulty of recruitment varies from day to day. Considering the cost of employment and the difficulty of recruitment in the future. Parks and scenic spots that need to be cleaned must be replaced by other tools, so as to completely solve the problems that will be faced in the future.   The floor sweeper TS1300 is undoubtedly a suitable cleaning equipment. With strong working ability, few failures, simple and convenient operation. When cleaning the scenic area or park road, the dust will not fall on the tourists, and the tourists will be more assured and comfortable to play.     For indoor sites, our ride-on auto floor scrubber T130 can also liberate your workers to deliver high cleaning productivity. No matter what kind of floors and scenarios you have, in TVX, we can help you customize the floor cleaning solution for free. Now welcome to reach us.   Customize My Solution for Free Now  
  • TVX Cleaning the London Airport
    TVX Cleaning the London Airport
    Airport Cleaning Analysis Scenario Features 1. International transportation hub, related to the international brand image. 2. Heavy traffic with an amount of people. 3. Large area including parking lot, departure lounge, outdoor like tarmac. 4. Many high-end business halls and business lounges. 5. Various indoor scenarios including bathroom,  canteen and department store.   Cleaning Challenges 1. Terrible cleaning status may affect the international image. 2. Heavy traffic may bring rubbish and stains. 3. Too large area to clean only with manpower; no rubbish allowed staying on the tarmac; quite easy to remain water in the parking lot; lower winter temperature increases the cleaning difficulties. 4. High-end business halls and business lounges meet high cleaning standards, noise shall be avoided. 5. Various indoor scenarios with complex cleaning demands, the stains are easily hidden and it’s hard to clean in some cleaning scenarios if not using professional cleaning equipment.     Cleaning Solution Due to the complex cleaning scenarios, thus, the transportation center usually needs a complete floor cleaning solution including both powerful and compact flexible floor scrubbing machines. In TVX, we're offering 6 series and over 50 kinds of products so that we can cover all your different cleaning  demands.   Solution 1 Large-area floor sweeping Powerful industrial ride-on floor sweeper TS1900, to sweep outdoor scenarios  like Tarmac and parking lot. Its clean efficiency is up to 19000 m2/h and can continue work to 4 hours, With large 160L dustbin, it can clean a large area.   Solution 2 Large-area floor scrubbing Big ride-on floor scrubber dryer machine T150, with 150L solution tank and 170L recovery tank, it can clean floor 6830m2/h, one of the most powerful floor scrubber from TVX. Good for big area like parking lot and deep cleaning case.   Solution 3 Mobile commercial cleaning equipment T15, our compact walk-behind floor scrubber and V20E, the small flexible vacuum cleaner can both clean up dust and liquid. They can clean the office, the narrow places like washroom and corridors.   What's your cleaning demands, if you have any questions, welcome to contact us for suggestions. We're here to help!      
  • A Good Cleaning Made at Wroclavia Shopping Mall in Poland
    A Good Cleaning Made at Wroclavia Shopping Mall in Poland
    About Shopping Mall Floor Cleaning Shopping mall needs more frequent cleaning and maintenance compared to other scenarios since they need to demonstrate a high-end brand image and attract people to go shopping there. Thus, they set high standards to evaluate the cleaning works. The most popular floor type you can see here is ceramic tile floor, marble floor, and terrazzo floor, and in the garage, epoxy resin floor is the most used. So you need a total solution to take care of different floors.   What you should do  As usual, you only need the daily cleaning and scrubbing to keep the shine gloss stay longer on the floor. In this case, our floor scrubber including the walk-behind and ride-on series is your best partner. Here we recommend our T55 or T70, which are quite medium-sized floor scrubber dryer machine to clean and shine your floor. If you need a powerful one, our ride-on floor scrubber T130 is recommended. They can ensure a good cleaning productivity. If you also have small and narrow spaces to be cleaned, we also recommend our compact floor scrubber.   However, it's a pity that the huge traffic will scratch your floor quickly. When the floor is worn with scratches, scuff marks or hard stains, it will lose shine so it's time to renovate and polish it to bring shine back. For deep cleaning and polishing, our floor polishing machines can help you restore the floor faster and easier. They all have better RPM, heavy pressure and strong power.    Maintenace Tips For daily cleaning, try to choose the brush with soft hair and red floor pads can also be used on all scrubber machine. Normall, every two weeks you should evaluate floor shine gloss and if it's going down then you need to use red pads to polish floor again. Don't want to use floor polisher chemicals? You can also use diamond floor polishing pads on our floor scrubber or floor polishing machines. Remember whatever pads or brushes you use, just rinse and clean them every day after use. Do you have similar cleaning problems, welcome to reach us for a free solution.   Customize My Free Solution        
  • Electric Ballroom London Cleaning Case
    Electric Ballroom London Cleaning Case
    Ballroom Floors  Most sports and dancing rooms will pave resilient floors like Rubber, PVC or Wooden floor. Especially for wooden floor, they're sensitive about water residues. If the water is not pick up enough, it will affect floor stability. And people will also sweat or leave some drinks/liquid residue on the floor, if it's not cleaned quickly, they will be sticky to  the dust debris, which will be very hard to remove as time flies.   TVX Cleaning Solution In London, one of our customers chose our T45, the medium walk-behind commercial floor scrubbing dryer machine to clean their ballroom floors. They said T45 is not so big and expensive but it's powerful to clean and dry the ballroom floor. On daily cleaning basis, they can create a clean and safe environment for their customers.    Cleaning Tips Resilient floors should be careful with the use of detergent. If you need, it should be a neutral one and avoid the acidic floor cleaner. Remember to clean the brushes and squeegees weekly. If you are using the floor cleaning pads, please rinse and wash them after each use to extend its lifecycle. Do you have similar cleaning problems, welcome to reach us for a free solution.   Customize My Free Solution    
  • Industrial Floor Scrubber and Sweeper Clean Guoxuan Factory
    Industrial Floor Scrubber and Sweeper Clean Guoxuan Factory
    Case Introduction Nanjing Guoxuan New Energy Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, whose parent company is Guoxuan Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. (stock code: SZ.002074), was founded in May 2006. It is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in independent research, development, production and sales of lithium-ion batteries for new energy vehicle power in China. Its comprehensive strength ranks first in the global new energy lithium battery industry. Located in Nanjing Liuhe Development Zone (including Nanjing Guoxuan Battery Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Guoxuan New Energy Co., Ltd.), Guoxuan Hi-Tech Nanjing is committed to the research, development, production and operation of new lithium-ion batteries and their materials.   Nanjing Guoxuan New Energy has one of three projects under construction over here, which has been put into operation since 2020, with an annual output of 5GWh power battery production line. It cooperates with SAIC MAXUS, GM Wuling, Dongfeng Xiaokang, Chongqing Chang'an and other famous vehicle manufacturers to jointly develop supporting pure electric vehicles.     Cleaning Challenges Complex cleaning environment with various kinds of floors, stain types and cleaning requirements. For manual cleaning, it's hard to have a cleaning standard on SOP. Large areas and small areas both need cleaning. Due to its low efficiency and high labor costs, has been unable to meet the cleaning target.   TVX Cleaning Solution For cleaning up stains, sewage residues, and scratches, we recommend floor scrubber cleaning machines but for paper debris, dust, wood pellets or other small solid rubbish, we recommend the industrial floor sweeper machine.   In this case, T90, the ride-on auto floor scrubber machine is a good choice. Due to its compact structure, high flexibility and larger capacity water tank (90L clean water tank), the T90 can be used as an alternative to the large walk-behind floor scrubber. With a cleaning width of 560MM, the maximum working efficiency can reach 2800m2/h. It can cross the aisles safely and clean both small and big cleaning areas. Save your labor first.   TS1300, our industrial ride-on floor sweeper machine can also be used for both indoor and outdoor areas. It can be used for sweeping the solid rubbish and stains before you scrub the floor. Up to 7315m2/h cleaning efficiency, it can continue to sweep the floor for 4 hours. Its cleaning width can obtain 1300mm, which can effectively clean up your factory quickly.     With years of experience in the cleaning industry, TVX is committed to intelligent cleaning solutions, serving customers in many industries, including property, industrial manufacturing, transportation hubs, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, etc. Welcome to customize your solution for free with us. Customize Your Solution For Free  
  • How to clean and maintain your garage or parking lot as a brand new one?
    How to clean and maintain your garage or parking lot as a brand new one?
    Cleaning a garage and parking lot can be a big challenge, but with the right floor cleaning solutions, you can make it look good as new. Here we should be clear that most garage we're talking about here is the underground, the indoor one but the parking lot usually is the outdoor one so the surrounding is totally different.   Garage Corridor and Parking Place Concrete floors including dry-shake concrete floors, cement-based floors, or resilient floors including epoxy resin and PVC floors are the common floors. The common problems here are deep scratches, black tire marks, scuff marks, drinks and other liquid residues, dust, footprints and paper scraps.   In this case, T130 can be well matched with your cleaning demands. As a ride-on floor scrubber machine, it's equipped with 6.5h powerful batteries, 860mm cleaning width, 120L big solution and 130L recovery tank. With dual brush discs and 5590 ㎡/h capacity, you can easily handle most cleaning challenges.   For some deep cleaning or renovation case, TF1517P, the powerful single disc machine with weights is one of the choices. TF1517R and TF1517S, as floor orbital or oscillating machines, can solve your deep cleaning problems.    If it's a small area, our compact and walk-behind series from T15 to T70 can well match your case.     For Floor Daily Cleaning and Maintenance, In small and middle areas, T45 Series, T55 Series or T70 Series + Soft Brushes/Medium Brushes or Melamine pad + Red Rubber Strip Maintenance route: 1 time one day, 2 passes each time   In big areas, T130 or T150 Ride-on Scrubbing Machine + Soft Brushes/Medium Brushes or Melamine pad + Red Rubber Strip Maintenance route: 1 time one day, 2 passes each time   For Floor Renovation and Polishing, TF1517P, TF1517R or TF1517S + Purple or Blue diamond floor pad  Maintenance route: 5 passes each time when renovating the floor     Parking Lot The outdoor parking lot usually has problems of scattered stains such as dust, paper debris, leaves, paper scraps, cigarette butts, and sand...In this case, the floor sweeping machine is necessary to collect these rubbishes and make the floor clean again.   TS1300, the powerful ride-on floor sweeper can take care of your concerns. With a 1330mm cleaning width, and 100L recovery tank, you can continue to clean the floor for up to 4 hours, in each hour, it can clean 7315㎡. If you want the larger one, the TS1900 series is the best option for you.   Do have more floor maintenance problems? Let us know your Scenarios, Floors and Tasks, Get your free customized solutions NOW! If you're interested, welcome to follow us on Linkedin, thanks for your every "Like".   Customize My Cleaning  Solution

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