Floor Sweeper
  • road street industrial floor sweeper machine
    road street industrial floor sweeper machine
    Ride-on Outdoor Road Street Floor Sweeping Machine TS1300
    TS1300 is a commercial and industrial ride-on floor sweeper machine, designed for medium-sized large-area indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks. Batteries powered, and with a dust filtration with automatic vibration system, it is suitable for cleaning in areas such as airports, bus stations, parking stations, large-scale logistics warehouses, production workshops, etc. Do you need to clean the leaves, paper scraps, dust and sand? Come now to book a local demo! Working Efficiency 7315㎡/h Battery Autonomy 4h Cleaning Width 1330mm Water Tank/Dustbin 30/100L Battery 2*12V150Ah Side Brush Width 2*390mm Central Brush Width 700mm Max. Gradeability 18%  
  • outdoor industrial floor sweeper machine cleaner
    outdoor industrial floor sweeper machine cleaner
    Ride-on Floor Sweeper Machine TS1900
    TS1900 is the most powerful industrial floor sweeper machine to clean the outdoor roads and streets, with a working efficiency of 19,000㎡/h and 1900mm cleaning width and a max speed of 10Km/h, it can save your labor cost and enhance the cleaning efficiency. Good for road cleaning and industrial scenarios like warehouses and factories.    The 160L dust tank can clean up the leaves, paper scraps, sand, debris, small rocks and slags. Besides, the water tank can deliver a dust-free cleaning case. If you need a powerful sweeping cleaner, welcome to ask for a demo now. Working Efficiency 19000㎡/h Battery Autonomy 4h Cleaning Width 1900mm Water Tank/Dustbin 230L/160L Battery 8*6V/200 or 305Ah Side Brush Width 4*500mm Central Brush Width 430*800mm Max. Gradeability 25%

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