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  • How to choose the right floor cleaning machine
    How to choose the right floor cleaning machine
    Appropriate cleaning routine and schedule can keep the floor clean and shiny. No matter with the industrial or commercial venues, they all need regular daily cleaning to remove stains, residues, small scratches and other contaminations, in this way, to keep hygiene, clean and safe.    How to choose the right floor cleaning machine With the rising costs of labor and shortage of cleaners, manual cleaning will be gradually replaced by mechanical cleaning way. When you want to find the appropriate floor cleaning machine, you should follow part of our instructions in the blog "How to make your right floor care and maintenance solution", we advise you    1. Identify your scenario and venues to be cleaned, how big are they and how many square meters you need to clean every day. Sometimes if it's the office or canteen, definitely, you only need a small and compact flexible walk-behind floor scrubber machine. But when it's a large factory, it's better to clean with a ride-on floor scrubbing machine. However, even in the same one scenario like an airport, you may meet both small areas and big spaces so you should combine two different situations to look for your solutions.   2. Make sure what kind of stains you need to clean.  Why? Most solid rubbish like paper debris, wood pellets, food residues, leaves... should be picked up by the floor sweeper machine or floor scrubber with cylindrical brushes before scrubbing the floor. If you usually meet tire marks, chemical residues, footprints or sewage, the floor scrubber machine can do you a great favor.   3. What's your budget It's the most crucial question before making final decision. Budget doesn't only mean how much you will cost for a machine, that's all, definitely no, budget means how much you're willing to pay for the machine, for the training, for the after-service, for the solution consultation, for the entire service term since you have the machine.     In TVX, the local partner should be powerful with a professional engineering team to take care of our customers. In this way, it's possible to work together with us and as a manufacturer, we're also trying to provide better service by tooling, training or investment.   If you're interested in starting your cleaning business, welcome to leave a message to talk. We or our local partner will be always ready to hear your success!   Achieve More Success with TVX      

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