• Before sales: Are you a manufacturer?
  • Yes. Since being established in 2012, with specialized expertise in cleaning technology, TVX is focusing on manufacturing reliable, easier and innovative cleaning equipment. Based in Nanjing, the production plant covers over 10,000 square meters, together with more than 120 employees. Currently, our product ranges in five series, which mainly include professional cleaning equipment such as floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, floor polishing machines, vacuum cleaners and robotics cleaning machines.

    In TVX, you can find both commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. Welcome to visit us to find a new opportunity!

  • Before sales: Do you have strong after-service solution?
  • Yes, this is why we differ from most international competitors. We don't think the after-service is only about warranty terms or technical support, which are the most common basic part. Since 2022, we established our first warehouse in Blois, France so we really hope to support the local partner also from the logistics part to save their time on offering good service to their customer.

    Besides, the after-service includes some "OEM" service. Nothing is perfect and no machines are 100% perfect so TVX is always eager to listen to the market demands to improve ourselves. Then we will investigate and evaluate your demands. And we will keep updating our tech and machines to make them more comfortable, easy and effective in cleaning works. 

    So our innovation is borns from your experience and our manufacturing expertise. Welcome to let us hear your comment and we'll respect them.


  • Before sales: How do you choose your long-term partner
  • As we said, the floor cleaning machine business is not a one-time business so both the manufacturers and their partners should pay more attention to the after-service and technical support team. To TVX, we will seriously evaluate how big the after-service team you have and how many engineers you have on their way to support your customer. We'll not simply ask for a sales target, a number since it will push you to focus on sales only but not on service then we both will lose the market finally. Let's make the partnership more and more sustainable.

  • Before sales: Which countries are you selling now?
  • TVX now exports 95% of its cleaning machines to serve our customers in over 60 countries, including North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific markets. Until 2019, we were the only brand that exported the biggest quantity of floor cleaning machines in China, which cannot achieve without our strong after-service and technical support team. Machine business is always a service and support business.


    TVX has 3 customer support centers located in Spain, France and Italy and one sales office in Boston, USA. In 2022, our first warehousing plant in Blois, France, started to serve our local partners. Are you interested in a long-term partnership with TVX in your country? Welcome to contact us now.

  • After sale: Do consumables/accessories have a warranty? Since when do you count? How long is the warranty period?
  • 1. Consumables such as brushes, dials, and rubber strips are not guaranteed, but you can claim for damages when you unpack the new machine.

    2. The accessories are guaranteed and it's calculated from the date of manufacture. Based on different accessories, the warranty period is also different.

    2.1 Batteries (lead-acid): 9 months

    2.2 Battery type (lithium battery): 30 months

    2.3 Charger: 18 months

    2.4 Water tank: 60 months

    2.5 Controller: 12 to 14 months

    2.6 Motor electromagnetic brake: 12 to 15 months

  • After-sale: What are the circumstances that do not belong to the warranty?
  • 1. Man-made damaged materials

    2. Obviously damaged by external pressure (such as impact)

    3. Changing the circuit without permission causes the motherboard or motor to burn out

    4. Water has entered the charger

    5. The charger cannot be charged normally due to unauthorized modification

    6. Repeated claims for the same machine (except for special circumstances)

  • After sales: How long will it take to receive the claim?
  • For claim materials, TVX is generally sent by international express air freight, and the time required is different depending on the destination. For example, if it is sent to North America, it will take about 5-7 days, while it will only take 3-5 days to send it to Southeast Asia.

    In addition, if the customer has an order, except for special circumstances, the claimed materials will be sent together with the goods.

  • After sale: Who will afford the freight for normal claims?
  • TVX will afford the freight cost.

  • After sale: What are the ways of making a claim?
  • There are two main ways to claim

    1. Claim materials in kind.

    2. Deduct the account based on the sales price of the claimed material.

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