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  • TVX scrubber is used in Harbin Metro Station
    TVX scrubber is used in Harbin Metro Station
    Harbin Metro refers to the urban rail transit serving Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China and Harbin Metropolitan Area. Its first line was opened for trial operation on September 26, 2013. We have all seen the congestion of the subway, where there are many people, it is always easy to produce garbage and dirt. It is much more difficult to maintain the hygiene standard. However, if the hygiene is not good, the bacteria generated will spread among the people, which will be harmful to the human body, and the impact can be imagined. The use of this  manual floor washing and drying machine T55 has solved the sanitation problem of subway cars very well. This imported floor washing machine is small, flexible, and highly efficient. The handlebars of the floor washing machine can be placed 180 degrees. It is very easy to clean the corners without complex manipulation. It is also easy to clean the lower position of the seats in the subway compartment. This imported floor washer can quickly solve the sanitary problem of subway cars, and there is no space limitation in operation, which is difficult for ordinary floor washers to achieve.     TVX floor scrubber machine has low noise and no exhaust emissions. It is a green and environment-friendly cleaning equipment. And its cleaning effect is several times that of manual work. It integrates scrubbing, washing and absorbing water, and can clean deep dirt. As a new type of floor cleaning equipment, it can instantly clean the dust and surface oil stains on various hard floors. Nanjing TVX Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a cleaning equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, manufacturing and sales. Its main products include driving floor washers, hand brooms, commercial cleaning equipment, full-automatic floor washers, etc. The company has been focusing on the cleaning equipment industry for 30 years.

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