• See You at ISSA Pulire Show 2023
    Apr 20, 2023 See You at ISSA Pulire Show 2023
    ISSA Pulire Cleaning Show in Milan is coming! Welcome to stop by our booth at E02-E04, Hall 8 during 9th - 11th, May. It's cloudy and the temperature ranges from 9 to 20 degrees. Please take care of that and let's meet face to face finally. If you need any urgent help at ISSA Pulire Show, please come to our TVX support station, we can supply: ▶ Powerbank ▶ Changeover plug and charging service ▶ USB Cable (Type C, Apple, Android) ▶ Wifi Service (Limited Speed but for urgent cases) ▶ Food and water (Charge your body when getting tired) ▶ Free Gift (Expect your surprise) ▶ What do you need else? We want to make you a nice journey there.   #Thanks For Your Clean For TVX, everyone in the cleaning industry contributes their effort to deliver a cleaning and hygiene world, we need to thank everyone for their cleaning jobs! Just come when you need help!
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  • Interclean Beijing 2021
    Apr 22, 2021 Interclean Beijing 2021
      During Interclean Fair(19th -21th, Apr,2021), TVX displays disinfection floor scrubber, touch screen scrubber, 4th generation cleaning robot and other new cleaning products. In the interview with CCTV, TVX general manager Mr Paul expounded the development strategy of TVX in the next few years and expressed his views on the trend and prospect of the cleaning industry. 
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  • 2022 Netherlands Cleaning Exhibition,  Share Strategy
    May 08, 2022 2022 Netherlands Cleaning Exhibition, Share Strategy
    Punch 01:TVX Innovation Booth   Cleaners must watch Founded in 1967, Interclean is the oldest professional exhibition in the cleaning industry. On May 10-13 this year, it will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as scheduled. Although the epidemic has caused a lot of trouble, TVX has broken through the barriers. After careful preparation, we will show a wonderful show of cleaning products at the Amsterdam exhibition. We have prepared online clocking for our domestic partners. You can sit at home or in the office and watch our booth show. You can also participate in the interaction and have the opportunity to win small gifts exclusive to TVX.   Punch 02:TVX Innovation Program Intelligent solutions No matter where in the world, the cost of cleaners will be higher and higher. Innovative cleaning robots will certainly replace or partially replace manual work. The new generation of intelligent cleaning robot scheme of TVX will be unveiled at this exhibition. Customized solutions Users' scenarios and needs are different. Customized solutions can better target users' pain points and truly bring value to users. Based on the advantages of traditional cleaning equipment, we will wait and see what kind of solutions TVX can bring to users.         Internet of Things Solutions When the whole society is in the process of digital transformation, TVX does not slack off at all. In the user scenario, provide seamless connection and information flow for all elements, and realize human-computer interaction at the front and back ends, ultimately making cleaning more efficient. See what TVX has done for this.   Punch 03:Metauniverse traverses space-time We should also watch the epidemic In this exhibition, we will use the most advanced meta universe technology to connect the exhibition site in Amsterdam with our company through time and space. You can know the scene at home. This is also a new way of daily training, visit, explanation and after-sales service of TVX in the future.   Punch 04:Free trial of new products    
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  • Clean Industry Expectation of TVX in 2019
    Aug 03, 2020 Clean Industry Expectation of TVX in 2019
    Clean Industry Expectation and Property Intelligence Forum And Distributors Convention of TVX Clean in 2019 was successfully held in Pukou District, Nanjing on December 19. The agenda of the convention covers the introduction and future development of the clean industry, the overall understanding and demand of the property for the intelligent cleaning industry, the analysis of cleaning management work, TVX medium and long-term technical planning, the advantages of new products and other hot topics. A total of 5 keynote speeches, factory visits and interactive exchanges, after-sales technical exchanges ,3 awards. For the guests, bring a brilliant clean industry event. Forum check-in Forum Live Keynote speech   1、Clean Industry Introduction and Future Direction Paul Shi General Manager of Nanjing TVX Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd 2. Property's overall perception and demand for smart cleaning Xia Han National Registered Property Manager, Economist Member of Nanjing Property Management Expert Library 12 years in property management, personal details: General Manager of Nanjing cfc Project, World Five Banks (Dai Deliang) General Manager of Nanjing Company of Fuli Property of Large Housing Enterprises (Fuli Real Estate)   Vice General Manager of Jiangsu Company, Jinbi Property of Large Housing Enterprises (Evergrande Real Estate) 3. Analysis on Cleaning Management Yong Liu Director, China Construction Management Institute Secretary General of China Real Estate Professionals Association Chengdu Building Economic Promotion Council CBD Building Alliance Expert Expert on Building Promotion Association of Suzhou Industrial Park Director, Hangzhou Digital Building Research Institute Vice Chairman of the Office Committee of China Real Estate Managers' Union Visiting Professor, Chongqing Real Estate Vocational College Former Secretary of BOMA China (International Association of Building Owners and Managers, China)   4. TVX Medium and long-term technical planning ChouXiao kang Technical R & D Director of Nanjing TVX Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd   5. TVX New Products Introduction Factory visits and interactive exchanges Nanjing TVX Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of cleaning equipment based on cleaning robot and intelligent cleaning. The company brings together a large number of R & D personnel who focus on washing machine, sweeping machine, high pressure cleaning, industrial vacuum cleaner, robot washing machine. Through continuous innovation and research and development in the field of cleaning equipment, promote the intelligence of various cleaning solutions. Product Technology Exchange  Product is getting more humanized, imperative. Through this exchange and summary, TVX in-depth understands of domestic users of clean pain points, needs and is dedicated to improve the user experience. Forum awards   It is the concentricity and cohesion of the partners that further cast the development of Twos in China. Thank ...
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