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  • A Good Cleaning Made at Wroclavia Shopping Mall in Poland
    A Good Cleaning Made at Wroclavia Shopping Mall in Poland
    About Shopping Mall Floor Cleaning Shopping mall needs more frequent cleaning and maintenance compared to other scenarios since they need to demonstrate a high-end brand image and attract people to go shopping there. Thus, they set high standards to evaluate the cleaning works. The most popular floor type you can see here is ceramic tile floor, marble floor, and terrazzo floor, and in the garage, epoxy resin floor is the most used. So you need a total solution to take care of different floors.   What you should do  As usual, you only need the daily cleaning and scrubbing to keep the shine gloss stay longer on the floor. In this case, our floor scrubber including the walk-behind and ride-on series is your best partner. Here we recommend our T55 or T70, which are quite medium-sized floor scrubber dryer machine to clean and shine your floor. If you need a powerful one, our ride-on floor scrubber T130 is recommended. They can ensure a good cleaning productivity. If you also have small and narrow spaces to be cleaned, we also recommend our compact floor scrubber.   However, it's a pity that the huge traffic will scratch your floor quickly. When the floor is worn with scratches, scuff marks or hard stains, it will lose shine so it's time to renovate and polish it to bring shine back. For deep cleaning and polishing, our floor polishing machines can help you restore the floor faster and easier. They all have better RPM, heavy pressure and strong power.    Maintenace Tips For daily cleaning, try to choose the brush with soft hair and red floor pads can also be used on all scrubber machine. Normall, every two weeks you should evaluate floor shine gloss and if it's going down then you need to use red pads to polish floor again. Don't want to use floor polisher chemicals? You can also use diamond floor polishing pads on our floor scrubber or floor polishing machines. Remember whatever pads or brushes you use, just rinse and clean them every day after use. Do you have similar cleaning problems, welcome to reach us for a free solution.   Customize My Free Solution        
  • Electric Ballroom London Cleaning Case
    Electric Ballroom London Cleaning Case
    Ballroom Floors  Most sports and dancing rooms will pave resilient floors like Rubber, PVC or Wooden floor. Especially for wooden floor, they're sensitive about water residues. If the water is not pick up enough, it will affect floor stability. And people will also sweat or leave some drinks/liquid residue on the floor, if it's not cleaned quickly, they will be sticky to  the dust debris, which will be very hard to remove as time flies.   TVX Cleaning Solution In London, one of our customers chose our T45, the medium walk-behind commercial floor scrubbing dryer machine to clean their ballroom floors. They said T45 is not so big and expensive but it's powerful to clean and dry the ballroom floor. On daily cleaning basis, they can create a clean and safe environment for their customers.    Cleaning Tips Resilient floors should be careful with the use of detergent. If you need, it should be a neutral one and avoid the acidic floor cleaner. Remember to clean the brushes and squeegees weekly. If you are using the floor cleaning pads, please rinse and wash them after each use to extend its lifecycle. Do you have similar cleaning problems, welcome to reach us for a free solution.   Customize My Free Solution    

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