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  • TVX Intelligent Ride on Sweeper Robot served in The roads
    TVX Intelligent Ride on Sweeper Robot served in The roads
    Liangxi River, also known as Liangqing River, is the oldest natural river in Wuxi, known as the mother river of Wuxi people, and a natural water body link connecting the urban water system, the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, Li Lake and Taihu Lake. The greening and road construction on both sides of the river are also a beautiful landscape, attracting citizens who take a rest, run and take a walk along the river.   Therefore, it is particularly important to keep the roads clean and tidy, and the continuity and timeliness of road cleaning are difficult to guarantee in today's general environment. The Tross driverless sweeping car perfectly solves this problem, and can realize the whole process of unmanned cleaning. Unmanned operation, intelligent operation, zero distance roadside cleaning, and obstacle avoidance at night are its features, which can easily solve the timeliness and sustainability of road cleaning.     Work site of TVX Intelligent Ride on Sweeper Robot   TVX Intelligent Ride on Sweeper Robot is a landmark product for the cleaning industry to transform from a traditional model to an intelligent and unmanned cleaning model. It can participate in the implementation of the overall cleaning solution in multiple scenarios.    
  • TVX sweeper enters Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park
    TVX sweeper enters Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park
    Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park, located in Pukou District, Nanjing, is a new venue for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, with a total land area of about 1.01 million square meters, including 21000 seats in the stadium, which is qualified to host NBA basketball games. The entry of the TVX sweeper proves the strength of the Tvos sweeper. There are many people in parks and scenic spots, and there are many people walking and playing in daily life. Therefore, the general cleaning usually focuses on the time period before and after the opening of the park or when there is little traffic. When there is a lot of traffic, the sanitation and cleaning workers are scattered in each area for cleaning.     The use of the sweeper can enhance the speed and quality of sweeping, and can complete the recycling and cleaning of ground leaves, paper scraps, bottle caps, food waste, etc. in a short time. It can reduce the labor force of the staff and make the workers work more harmoniously. Of course, this is not the main reason why the park uses sweeping cars to clean. The main reason is that in recent years, the labor cost has risen sharply, and the difficulty of recruitment varies from day to day. Considering the cost of employment and the difficulty of recruitment in the future. Parks and scenic spots that need to be cleaned must be replaced by other tools, so as to completely solve the problems that will be faced in the future.     The sweeper T130 is undoubtedly a suitable cleaning equipment. With strong working ability, few failures, simple and convenient operation, it can be more than 10 or even 15, so that when cleaning the scenic area or park road, the dust will not fall on the tourists, and the tourists will be more assured and comfortable to play. Nanjing TVX Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a cleaning equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, manufacturing and sales. Its main products include driving floor washers, hand brooms, commercial cleaning equipment, full-automatic floor washers, etc. The company has been focusing on the cleaning equipment industry for 30.

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