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  • TVX floor scrubber machines win the trust of Dongfeng Nissan Factory
    TVX floor scrubber machines win the trust of Dongfeng Nissan Factory
    Dongfeng Nissan Factory is an important part of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. It is engaged in the research and development, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service of passenger cars, and is one of the domestic automobile enterprises with a full value chain. Dongfeng Nissan obtained our information online on June 30, 2020, and then contacted us to purchase the floor scrubber machine. Their factory area is large, and the labor cost is high. It is planned that the production workshop will use equipment to clean, so as to reduce the cost of personnel, and they hope to have a higher cleaning efficiency to reduce the time cost (customer demand). After learning the demand of the company, we customized the cleaning solution according to the situation of the factory. First, we sent a compact floor scrubber for trial. When the trial run effect was good, we purchased some more in succession.     After slowly experiencing the advantages of the product, they finally decided to use our floor scrubber instead of manual cleaning. The floor scrubber machine that customers need is mainly used in the narrow area of the factory. What they need is T15B model, with photoelectric panel, integrated control, ECO environmental protection and energy-saving options and other functions, which is easy to use and operate. Effectively solve the cleaning pain points in narrow areas of the factory.   They didn't believe in our quality at the beginning, and talked about after-sales conditions later. With the gradual deepening of understanding, our TVX product quality and our service have won the trust of Dongfeng Nissan Factory. Now, Dongfeng Nissan Factory has become our stable customer, using more than ten sets every month, expanding the range of products used, and cooperating more closely. I believe that in the future, our cooperation will be better! The TVX floor scrubber machine is of qualified quality, beautiful appearance and superior performance. It is suitable for cleaning cement, resin, marble, tile and other floors, and is widely used in production workshops, airport stations, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, logistics centers and other areas.
  • Scrubber Service Nanjing Guoxuan New Energy Co., Ltd
    Scrubber Service Nanjing Guoxuan New Energy Co., Ltd
    Recently, TVX and Nanjing Guoxuan New Energy Co., Ltd. reached another cooperation, and settled 6 driving floor scrubbers T90 to help clean the floor of the Factory.     Nanjing Guoxuan New Energy Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guoxuan Hi Tech, whose parent company is Guoxuan Hi Tech Co., Ltd. (stock code: SZ.002074), was founded in May 2006. It is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in independent research, development, production and sales of lithium ion batteries for new energy vehicle power in China. Its comprehensive strength ranks first in the global new energy lithium battery industry. Located in Nanjing Liuhe Development Zone (including Nanjing Guoxuan Battery Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Guoxuan New Energy Co., Ltd.), Guoxuan Hi Tech Nanjing is committed to the research, development, production and operation of new lithium-ion batteries and their materials. Nanjing Guoxuan New Energy has an existing Phase I (constructed in three phases) project, which has been put into operation since 2020, with an annual output of 5GWh power battery production line. It cooperates with SAIC MAXUS, GM Wuling, Dongfeng Xiaokang, Chongqing Chang'an and other famous vehicle manufacturers to jointly develop supporting pure electric vehicles.     With the rise of industrial enterprises, the workshop area inside the enterprise is becoming wider and wider. The traditional cleaning method, due to its low efficiency and high labor costs, has been unable to meet the cleaning needs. The 5S management of enterprises requires higher and higher plant environment. High automation and modern cleaning methods have become the first choice for industrial enterprises to clean. Nanjing Guoxuan New Energy was established and constructed in 2018. After the completion of the plant, the cleaning equipment companies were selected for plant cleaning. As a local enterprise in Nanjing, TVX has excellent product technology and a sound service system, becoming Guoxuan's preferred enterprise. The first cooperation between the two sides was in 2019, when TVX entered with the T45 walk behind floor scrubber and T90 driving floor washer for the ground cleaning of Phase I plant. The cleaning capacity of the floor washer can efficiently clean the dirt and sewage on the ground, and change the space environment of production and products. Due to its compact structure, high flexibility and larger capacity water tank (90L clean water tank), the T90 ride on floor scrubber stationed this time can be used as an alternative to the large walk behind floor scrubber. With a cleaning width of 560MM, the maximum working efficiency can reach 2800m2/h.       With more than 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry, TVX is committed to intelligent cleaning solutions, serving customers in many industries, including property, industrial manufacturing, transportation hubs, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, etc. Taking "scientific and technological in...

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