Heavy-duty Stripping
  • How to remove the old coatings and clean the floor
    How to remove the old coatings and clean the floor
    What's floor heavy-duty stripping  Floor stripping usually indicates your floor meets really hard stains, scratches or old coatings, which is more heavy-duty than deep cleaning works. Every year, in most hospitals-healthcare or schools-education, they need to remove the old PU or other protective coatings and put on new coating layers. As usual, it will happen on resilient floors, we also call them coated floors, for example, the Linoleum, PVC, VCT, LVT, and epoxy resin floor, need to put on coatings to protect the people using them. If you want to learn more about resilient floors, welcome to read our blog "how to clean and maintain your resilient floor".   But some hard floors like polished concrete, terrazzo floor or stone floors, they also impregnate floor coatings to give the floor a wet-finish gloss look. When you need to renew the floor, the top action should be stripping them out.      What kind of machine do you need The popular floor care machines for floor stripping should be the heavy-duty floor buffer machine and the square orbital/oscillating machine. For the floor buffer/polisher machine, you need the extra weights to increase the pressure, with a low-speed rotation like 150-300 RPM, it can quickly remove the old coating layers from the floor. In TVX, you can choose TF1517P to help you complete the job.   For the orbital or oscillating machines, they have single round disc or square oscillating head, and the square can effectively clean the edge and corner zone, with extremely high oscillating speed per minute like 3000 times/min, it's easy to take off the old coatings or remove scratches. In TVX, our TF-1517S can help you quickly finish it.                                                                            *The left side is after stripping and the right side is after re-coating   What kind of pads or chemicals do you need Depends on what kind of machine you're using, if you're using a heavy-duty single disc machine, probably you need floor stripper chemicals to work the black floor pads or some special floor stripper pad like 3M SPP. Now you can also try diamond floor pads, if the coating layer is not thick, you can use diamond pads of around 200 grits and in this case, you can save costs of chemicals and use water only, we have a blog to introduce you how to choose the right floor cleaning pads, please learn the blog "One blog to know how to choose the right floor pads, brushes or squeegees".   For square floor orbital machine, the best option is diamond floor pads with water only, no floor stripper chemicals are needed. And for operation, the orbital machine is easy to operate so we also recommend this solution.     Operation Advice 1. If you use floor stripper chemicals, be careful to...

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