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    Since being established in 2012, with specialized expertise in cleaning technology, TVX has focused on manufacturing reliable, easier and innovative cleaning equipment. Now, TVX has 3 customer support centers located in Spain, France and Italy and one sales office in Boston, the USA. In 2022, our first warehousing plant in Blois, France, started to serve our local partners.


    Based in Nanjing, the production plant and

    offices cover over 10,000 square meters, together with more than 120 employees, TVX now exports 70% of its cleaning machines to serve our customers in over 60 countries, including North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific markets. 

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    Until now, TVX is successively granted more than 90 patents and certificates, and honored as the National High-tech Enterprise, besides, we're still cooperating with Nanjing University and cultivating engineering talents to strengthen the connection among enterprises, academia, and research institutes. Now, TVX is one of the Engineering Technology Research Centers in Jiangsu Province. 

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    As a state-of-the-art supplier of intelligent and digital cleaning solutions in China, TVX keeps its mission on making people enjoy cleaning by simplifying the cleaning jobs through years of accumulated capacities in product R&D, industrial design and manufacturing. 


    Currently, our product ranges in 6 series, which mainly include professional cleaning equipment such as floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, floor polishing machines, vacuum cleaners and commercial cleaning equipment.


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    The best product and innovations are all the time born from our customers, TVX will keep ourselves as a bridge to connect the know-how of cleaning tech with the customers in need of cleaning easier to create a clean, healthy, safe and livable world.





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