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  • How to clean and maintain your garage or parking lot as a brand new one?
    How to clean and maintain your garage or parking lot as a brand new one?
    Cleaning a garage and parking lot can be a big challenge, but with the right floor cleaning solutions, you can make it look good as new. Here we should be clear that most garage we're talking about here is the underground, the indoor one but the parking lot usually is the outdoor one so the surrounding is totally different.   Garage Corridor and Parking Place Concrete floors including dry-shake concrete floors, cement-based floors, or resilient floors including epoxy resin and PVC floors are the common floors. The common problems here are deep scratches, black tire marks, scuff marks, drinks and other liquid residues, dust, footprints and paper scraps.   In this case, T130 can be well matched with your cleaning demands. As a ride-on floor scrubber machine, it's equipped with 6.5h powerful batteries, 860mm cleaning width, 120L big solution and 130L recovery tank. With dual brush discs and 5590 ㎡/h capacity, you can easily handle most cleaning challenges.   For some deep cleaning or renovation case, TF1517P, the powerful single disc machine with weights is one of the choices. TF1517R and TF1517S, as floor orbital or oscillating machines, can solve your deep cleaning problems.    If it's a small area, our compact and walk-behind series from T15 to T70 can well match your case.     For Floor Daily Cleaning and Maintenance, In small and middle areas, T45 Series, T55 Series or T70 Series + Soft Brushes/Medium Brushes or Melamine pad + Red Rubber Strip Maintenance route: 1 time one day, 2 passes each time   In big areas, T130 or T150 Ride-on Scrubbing Machine + Soft Brushes/Medium Brushes or Melamine pad + Red Rubber Strip Maintenance route: 1 time one day, 2 passes each time   For Floor Renovation and Polishing, TF1517P, TF1517R or TF1517S + Purple or Blue diamond floor pad  Maintenance route: 5 passes each time when renovating the floor     Parking Lot The outdoor parking lot usually has problems of scattered stains such as dust, paper debris, leaves, paper scraps, cigarette butts, and sand...In this case, the floor sweeping machine is necessary to collect these rubbishes and make the floor clean again.   TS1300, the powerful ride-on floor sweeper can take care of your concerns. With a 1330mm cleaning width, and 100L recovery tank, you can continue to clean the floor for up to 4 hours, in each hour, it can clean 7315㎡. If you want the larger one, the TS1900 series is the best option for you.   Do have more floor maintenance problems? Let us know your Scenarios, Floors and Tasks, Get your free customized solutions NOW! If you're interested, welcome to follow us on Linkedin, thanks for your every "Like".   Customize My Cleaning  Solution

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