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TVX Floor Scrubber Machine Clean Harbin Metro Station Aug 22, 2020

Case Introduction

Harbin Metro refers to the urban rail transit serving Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China and Harbin Metropolitan Area. Its first line was opened for trial operation on September 26, 2013. Due to the high population traffic there, it is always easy to produce stains and dirt like footprint, food and drinks residue, scratches and stained marks. It is much more difficult to maintain the hygiene standard so it needs more frequent maintenance and effective cleaning machines.


industrial floor sweeping machine


TVX Cleaning Solution 

Since the metro station is not so big area so we recommend the T55 walk-behind medium floor scrubber machine. It's small, flexible, and highly efficient. Besides, it has low noise and no exhaust emissions, more green and environment-friendly. It integrates scrubbing, washing and absorbing water, and can clean deep dirt. As a new type of floor cleaning equipment, it can instantly clean the dust and surface oil stains on various hard floors. Do you have similar cleaning problems, welcome to reach us for a free solution.




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