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TVX Cleaning the London Airport Jul 10, 2022

Airport Cleaning Analysis

Scenario Featuresairport floor scrubber

1. International transportation hub, related to the international brand image.

2. Heavy traffic with an amount of people.

3. Large area including parking lot, departure lounge, outdoor like tarmac.

4. Many high-end business halls and business lounges.

5. Various indoor scenarios including bathroom,  canteen and department store.


Cleaning Challenges

1. Terrible cleaning status may affect the international image.

2. Heavy traffic may bring rubbish and stains.

3. Too large area to clean only with manpower; no rubbish allowed staying on the tarmac; quite easy to remain water in the parking lot; lower winter temperature increases the cleaning difficulties.

4. High-end business halls and business lounges meet high cleaning standards, noise shall be avoided.

5. Various indoor scenarios with complex cleaning demands, the stains are easily hidden and it’s hard

to clean in some cleaning scenarios if not using professional cleaning equipment.


airport commercial floor cleaner


Cleaning Solution

Due to the complex cleaning scenarios, thus, the transportation center usually needs a complete floor

cleaning solution including both powerful and compact flexible floor scrubbing machines.

In TVX, we're offering 6 series and over 50 kinds of products so that we can cover all your different cleaning 



Solution 1 Large-area floor sweeping

Powerful industrial ride-on floor sweeper TS1900, to sweep outdoor scenarios 

like Tarmac and parking lot. Its clean efficiency is up to 19000 m2/h and can continue work to 4 hours,

With large 160L dustbin, it can clean a large area.


Solution 2 Large-area floor scrubbing

Big ride-on floor scrubber dryer machine T150, with 150L solution tank and 170L recovery tank, it can clean floor 6830m2/h, one of the most powerful floor scrubber from TVX. Good for big area like parking lot and deep cleaning case.


Solution 3 Mobile commercial cleaning equipment

T15, our compact walk-behind floor scrubber and V20E, the small flexible vacuum cleaner can both clean up dust and liquid. They can clean the office, the narrow places like washroom and corridors.


What's your cleaning demands, if you have any questions, welcome to contact us for suggestions. We're here to help!




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