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TVX Cleaning the School in Ecuador May 26, 2022

About Education Scenario

You can find lots of similarities when cleaning the education and healthcare cases.

1. Have both large and narrow spaces. The reception room, classroom, washroom and office are narrow spaces so they need a compact but flexible floor scrubber machine to clean the floor. But the reception hall and corridor are large so you need a powerful floor cleaning machine to maintain the floor.

2. The most popular floor choice is PVC, linoleum or VCT floor, all of them are resilient floors, safe and easy to maintain. 


TVX Cleaning Solution

In this case, our dealer supports the local customer with 3 types of floor scrubbing machines, the compact floor scrubber T15  to take care of narrow spaces. T35, as the small floor scrubber, can clean the classroom and corridors, small but effective. T90 is our small ride-on floor scrubber, with the smallest radius of turning circle, it can clean a large-area place but is very flexible to avoid obstacles.


Cleaning Tips

As for the children and patients, they both need special care for safety. So we need to clean the floor more often. Accordingly, we need to maintain and clean up the machine every day, especially for the rubber strip squeegee and waterway system, which is easier to hide accumulated stains.


As for the cleaner choice, do not choose the floor cleaner with strong alkalinity or acidity. The neutral cleaner is more friendly with no pungent smell. Do you have similar cleaning problems, welcome to reach us for a free solution.




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