Youth Olympic Sports Park Cleaning and Sweeping Oct 20, 2021

Case Introduction

Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park, located in Pukou District, Nanjing, is a new venue for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, with a total land area of about 1.01 million square meters, including 21000 seats in the stadium, which is qualified to host NBA basketball games. The entry of the TVX ride-on floor sweeper machine proves that we can also cover large commercial scenarios. There are many people in parks and scenic spots, and there are many people walking and playing in daily life. Therefore, the general cleaning usually focuses on the time period before and after the opening of the park or when there is little traffic. When there is a lot of traffic, the sanitation and cleaning workers are scattered in each area for cleaning.


commercial floor cleaner


Why TVX Floor Cleaning Machines

The use of the floor sweeper cleaner can enhance the speed and quality of sweeping, and can completely clean up floor leaves, paper scraps, bottle caps, food waste, etc. in a short time. In recent years, the labor cost has risen sharply, and the difficulty of recruitment varies from day to day. Considering the cost of employment and the difficulty of recruitment in the future. Parks and scenic spots that need to be cleaned must be replaced by other tools, so as to completely solve the problems that will be faced in the future.


The floor sweeper TS1300 is undoubtedly a suitable cleaning equipment. With strong working ability, few failures, simple and convenient operation. When cleaning the scenic area or park road, the dust will not fall on the tourists, and the tourists will be more assured and comfortable to play.


commercial floor sweeper cleaner


For indoor sites, our ride-on auto floor scrubber T130 can also liberate your workers to deliver high cleaning productivity. No matter what kind of floors and scenarios you have, in TVX, we can help you customize the floor cleaning solution for free. Now welcome to reach us.



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