road street industrial floor sweeper machine
road street industrial floor sweeper machine
road street industrial floor sweeper machine
road street industrial floor sweeper machine
road street industrial floor sweeper machine

Ride-on Outdoor Road Street Floor Sweeping Machine TS1300

TS1300 is a commercial and industrial ride-on floor sweeper machine, designed for medium-sized large-area indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks. Batteries powered, and with a dust filtration with automatic vibration system, it is suitable for cleaning in areas such as airports, bus stations, parking stations, large-scale logistics warehouses, production workshops, etc. Do you need to clean the leaves, paper scraps, dust and sand? Come now to book a local demo!

  • commercial floor scrubber

    Working Efficiency


  • industrial floor sweeper

    Battery Autonomy


  • commercial floor cleaner

    Cleaning Width


  • industrial floor cleaner

    Water Tank/Dustbin


  • floor scrubber sweeper



  • floor scrubber brush

    Side Brush Width


  • floor cleaning machine

    Central Brush Width


  • ride on floor scrubber

    Max. Gradeability


  • Cleaning Width(mm):

  • Machine Dimensions(mm):

  • Working Capacities(㎡/h):

  • Solution Tank(L):

  • Brush Quantity:

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