Squeegee Cleaner-wet and Dry machine
Squeegee Cleaner-wet and Dry machine
Squeegee Cleaner-wet and Dry machine
Squeegee Cleaner-wet and Dry machine

Squeegee Cleaner-wet and Dry machine V70E

The squeegee tool of the wet and dry vacuum can be lifted. The bucket can be turned over to empty garbage easily. Professional designed water valve protects the circuit safe.

  • Cleaning Width(mm):

  • Voltage(V):

  • Power(W):

  • Noise(dB):

  • Recover Tank(L):

  • Vacuum Pressure(Kpa):

  • Net Weight(kg):

  • Air Flow Rate(L/s):

  • Wire Length(m):

  • Large water tank

    The volume of the water tank can reach 70L, prolonging the cleaning time,Improve work efficiency.
  • Barrel light weight

    Light weight design of the fuselage, as light as 25kg, people Personalized design handrail tube, easy to push.
  • Strong and durable

    Thickened bucket body, taking into account strength and toughness, flipped bucket body, easy to dump garbage.
Product ·Features

01Intelligent water valve system

The intelligent water stop system is designed for the unit head and suction motor. The valve automatically stops working when the upper limit of liquid level is reached, thus making the operation simpler.

02Water tank fixed by buckles

The machine body is fixed with buckles, which is stable in operation and easy to operate.


03High efficient vacuum motor

Efficient vacuum motor offers a suction up to -20Kpa, thus making cleaning easier.

04Built-in various slots for different brushes

The machine is built with various slots for different brushes, which greatly expands the applicability of the machine and makes the work easier.

Specification Model V70E
Voltage V 110/220
power W 1000/2000
Frequency Hz 60
Noise dB 82
Vacuity Kpa 20
Air flow rate L/s 108
Capacity l 70
Hose length m 0.75/3
Cord length m 10
Net weight kg 25
Application Scenarios

It is suitable for cleaning floors types of cement, resin, marble, ceramic tile and so on, and can be widely used in areas including production workshops, airports, bus stations, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, logistics centers etc.

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