single disc scrubbing machine
single disc scrubbing machine
single disc scrubbing machine
single disc scrubbing machine

Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer single disc scrubbing machine T45

Light walk behind scrubber, 45L water tank, suitable for cleaning areas within 900㎡,such as retail areas, swimming pools, halls, corridors and various hard floors.

  • Cleaning Width(mm):

  • Machine Dimensions(mm):

  • Working Capacities(㎡/h):

  • Solution Tank(L):

  • Recovery Tank(L):

  • Brush Quantity:

  • Working Brush(inch):

Product Classification
  • T45B Battery Model

    With 2x12V 100ah AGM maintenance-free batteries, the lasting working time can be up to 4.5h.
  • High working efficiency

    New digital control system enables clear and simple operation, which can effectively prolong the service life of battery and motor.
  • Safety design of soft start

    Soft start and automatic emergency stop design ensure the safety of operators.
  • Convenient operation

    The ergonomic structural design makes it easy to operate and comfortable to use, thus you won’t feel much tired even after the long time working.
  • Cost-saving

    No tools are needed to replace the squeegee rubber. Four sides of the rubber can be used, extending the using life.
Product ·Features

01Intelligent digital control system (T45B)

When the machine starts working, the speed of the brush will gradually increase to ensure that the ground will not be worn due to the sudden operation of the brush, thus effectively protecting the ground luster and reducing the wearing of the brush.

02Automatic brush assembly/disassembly system

You can complete the assembly/disassembly of brush operation quickly just by pressing the button, which is simple and convenient.


03Highly efficient vacuum and silence system(optional)

Thanks to the design of delayed shutdown of vacuum motor for 15 seconds, the waste water in the suction hose and the squeegee can be vacuumed. The silence system of the vacuum motor can be set to keep the noise of the whole machine below 68dB.

04Motor central water outlet system

The motor central water outlet system can improve the cleaning effect of the brush, so that the clean water and detergent can be evenly distributed on the brush to save water and detergent.

Product Specification
T45/50 E T45/50 B
Working width mm 510 510
Squeegee width mm 780 780
Capacities ㎡/h 1750 2050
Brush pressure kg 38 35
Brush rpm rpm 180 180
Brush motor V/W AC110~230/750 DC24/550
Suction motor V/W AC110~230/1200 DC24/390
Solution tank l 45 45
Recovery tank l 55 55
Dimensions mm 1170x550x975 1170x550x975
Batteries V N/A 12Vx2
Batteries weight kg N/A 35x2
Net weight kg 95 95
Application Scenarios

It is suitable for cleaning floors types of cement, resin, marble, ceramic tile and so on, and can be widely used in areas including production workshops, airports, bus stations, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, logistics centers etc.

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