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TVX Intelligent Ride on Sweeper Robot served in The roads Sep 18, 2020

Case Introduction

Liangxi River, also known as Liangqing River, is the oldest natural river in Wuxi, known as the mother river of Wuxi people, and a natural water body link connecting the urban water system, the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, Li Lake and Taihu Lake. The greening and road construction on both sides of the river are also a beautiful landscape, attracting citizens who take a rest, run and take a walk along the river.


Therefore, it is particularly important to keep the roads clean and tidy, and the continuity and timeliness of road cleaning are difficult to guarantee in today's general environment. The Tross driverless sweeping car perfectly solves this problem, and can realize the whole process of unmanned cleaning. Unmanned operation, intelligent operation, zero distance roadside cleaning, and obstacle avoidance at night are its features, which can easily solve the timeliness and sustainability of road cleaning.



Work site of TVX Intelligent Ride on Sweeper Robot

TVX Intelligent Floor Sweeper Robot is a landmark product for the cleaning industry to transform from a traditional model to an intelligent and unmanned cleaning model. It can participate in the implementation of the overall cleaning solution in multiple scenarios.



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