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  • Professional Ride-on Sweeper
    Professional Ride-on Sweeper
    Ride-on Floor Sweeper Machine TS1900
    Advanced CAN system makes the interaction easy Powerful dust removal, dust suppression and dust absorption function can easily clean up the dust and garbage debris one-time Equipped with an intelligent IOT system, it can help comprehensively monitor the sweeper’s status at any time, optimize the scheduling scheme and power consumption, effectively help carbon neutralization and carbon peak, and reduce the comprehensive cost of users. Enclosed and high position cab, with a wide view, can operate in various weather conditions, and meet more complex cleaning scenes. With safety and humanized design, TS1900 is not afraid of any climate, any scene Ride-on sweeper of open design, equipped automatic dustbin and automatic cleaning andfiltering system; Suitable for heavy industrial environment with fine dust and large garbagefragments, such as airport stations, parks, roads, residential communities, warehouses, etc

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