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Working Width: 1330mm

Central Brush: 700mm

Side Brush: 390mm

Forward Speed: 0~6.5km/h


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TS1300 Ride-on Vacuum Sweeper

TS1300 Ride-on vacuum sweeper series, equipped with an independent motor control, tow-side brushes,main roller brush and filtration system which is cleaned automatically.The traction motor is powerful. Three-wheel chassis design, small turning diameter,can easily move freely even in a narrow range.

It is ideal for all kinds of public areas,such as hospitals,schools,shopping malls,parking lots,living quarters,parks,outdoor rode and etc.


T130 Product features:

  • • Self-adjusting main roller brush system to ensure perfect cleaning results..
  • • RWD system to adapt to any working conditions indoor and outdoor.
  • • Extra large polyester filter with six barrels and electronic vibration system to ensure the filtering effect and long serving life.
  • • Ride-on operation,flexible trun,increase the work efficiency and use more easily.
  • • 30L water tank and water reduce-dust system can be chosen in order to operate in the special case to reduce secondary pollution.
  • • Low-noise level design ensures the use in public envionment,no affect on surrounding environment and personnel.


SpecificationModel TS1300
Working width(mm) 1330
Central brush(mm) 700
Side brush(mm) 390×2
Forward speed(km/h) 0~6.5
Capacities(m2/h) 7315
Max gradient(%) 18
Drive motor(V/W) 24/500
Water tank(L) 30
Roller brush motor(V/W) 24/600
Dust collection motor(V/W) 24/380
Filter shaker motor(V/W) 24/100
Dust tank(L) 100
Filter surface(m2) 6
Dimensions(mm) 1395×1010×1200
Batteries(V) 12V×2
Batteries weight(kg) 52×2
Net weight(kg) 225

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