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Working Width: 1050mm

Squeegee Width: 1200mm

Forward Speed: 0~6.5km/h

Max.Capacities: 6830㎡/h


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T150/100R ride-on scrubber dryer

T150 ride-on scrubber dryer series,36V industrial control system with high stability and durability,it is ideal for large area floor cleaning.

Ergonomic design and simply control ensures the most efficient and safety.


It is widely used in the area of workshop,airports,schools,supermarkets,hospitals,logistics centers,and at the same time meets the cleaning demand of different types of ground.


T150/100R Product features:

  • • One key touch control interface,simple operation.
  • • 36 Volt industrial design,long battery life,high stability and durability.
  • • Ride-on operation, flexible turn,increase the work efficiency and use more easily.
  • • Intelligent water-flow control system ensures the full protection of brush and suction system.
  • • Floating brush head module automatically retracts when bumps against an obstacle in order to avoid collisions and damage.
  • • Low-noise level design ensures the use in public environment, no affect on surrounding environment and personnel.


SpecificationModel T150/100R T150/85R
Working width(mm) 1050 860
Squeegee width(mm) 1200 1200
Forward speed(Km/h) 0~6.5 0~6.5
Capacities(m2/h) 6830 5590
Brush pressure(kg) 60 50
Brush rpm(rpm) 180 180
Brush motor(V/W) 36/500×2 36/500×2
Drive motor(V/W) 36/800 36/800
Suction motor(V/W) 36/730 36/730
Solution tank(L) 150 150
Recovery tank(L) 170 170
Max gradient(%) 15 15
Dimensions(mm) 1580×875×1260 1580×875×1260
Batteries(V) 12V×3 12V×3
Batteries weight(kg) 52×3 52×3
Net weight(kg) 240 240




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