◊ Re-circulating water system ◊

Working Width: 860mm

Squeegee Width: 1100mm

Working Capacities: 5590㎡/h

Brush motor: 24/400 (*2) V/W


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T130 Ride-on Scrubber Dryer

T130 Ride-on Scrubber Dryer has Re-circulating water system,fill water one time each day,but work a whole day! Suitable for large-scale cleaning.24V 200AH batteries to ensure long working hours.

Suitable for cleaning various floor types of cement,epoxy,marble,and tile ect. It is widely used in the area of workshop,the airports,schools,supermarkets,hosptials and logistics centers ect.


T130 Product features:


SpecificationModel T130
Working width(mm) 860
Squeegee width(mm) 1100
Working Capacities(m2/h) 5590
Working brush(inch) 16''×2
Brush motor(V/W) 24/400(×2)
Drive motor(V/W) 24/650
Suction motor(V/W) 24/500
Solution tank(L) 120
Recovery tank(L) 130
Battery working hours(h) 5.5
Dimensions(mm) 1523×860×1240
Net weight(kg) 220


T130 Standard Accessories:

T130 Optional Accessories:

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