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Working Width: 690mm

Squeegee Width: 980/780mm

Forward Speed: 0~4.5km/h

Max.Capacities: 3100㎡/h


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T70/65BT walk-behind scrubber dryer

T70/65BT walk-behind scrubber dryer provides industrial users with professional floor cleaning solutions for large areas.

Suitable for cleaning various floor types of cement,epoxy,marble,and tile ect. It is widely used in the area of workshop,the airports,schools,supermarkets,hosptials and logistics centers ect.


T70/65BT Product features:

  • • Soft-start and automatic emergency stop designed to protect the safety of operators.
  • • Sturdy body structure,ergonomic design to prevent fatigue.
  • • Highly sensitive electromagnetic valve to control the water flow,servo control system for easier operation.
  • • Lifting brush plate structure,more stable and easier to maintain.
  • • Large capacity solution tank and recovery tank design,easy to clean and reduce the growth of bacteria.
  • • Replacement rubber blades without any tools,reversible rubber blades extend the wear life.
  • • New digital control system,clear and simple to operate.Effectively extend battery usage time and the serivce life of the motor.


SpecificationModel T70/65BT+
Working width(mm) 690
Squeegee width(mm) 980/780
Forward speed(Km/h) 0~4.5
Capacities(m2/h) 3100
Brush pressure(kg) 40
Brush rpm(rpm) 180
Brush motor(V/W) 24/400*2
Drive motor(V/W) 24/120
Suction motor(V/W) 24/390
Solution tank(L) 70
Recovery tank(L) 80
Dimensions(mm) 1385×720×1050
Batteries(V) 12V×2
Batteries weight(kg) 33×2
Net weight(kg) 116


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