2022 Netherlands Cleaning Exhibition, Share Strategy May 08, 2022

Punch 01:TVX Innovation Booth


Cleaners must watch

Founded in 1967, Interclean is the oldest professional exhibition in the cleaning industry. On May 10-13 this year, it will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as scheduled. Although the epidemic has caused a lot of trouble, TVX has broken through the barriers. After careful preparation, we will show a wonderful show of cleaning products at the Amsterdam exhibition.

We have prepared online clocking for our domestic partners. You can sit at home or in the office and watch our booth show. You can also participate in the interaction and have the opportunity to win small gifts exclusive to TVX.


Punch 02:TVX Innovation Program

Intelligent solutions

No matter where in the world, the cost of cleaners will be higher and higher. Innovative cleaning robots will certainly replace or partially replace manual work. The new generation of intelligent cleaning robot scheme of TVX will be unveiled at this exhibition.

Customized solutions

Users' scenarios and needs are different. Customized solutions can better target users' pain points and truly bring value to users. Based on the advantages of traditional cleaning equipment, we will wait and see what kind of solutions TVX can bring to users.        

Internet of Things Solutions

When the whole society is in the process of digital transformation, TVX does not slack off at all. In the user scenario, provide seamless connection and information flow for all elements, and realize human-computer interaction at the front and back ends, ultimately making cleaning more efficient. See what TVX has done for this.


Punch 03:Metauniverse traverses space-time

We should also watch the epidemic

In this exhibition, we will use the most advanced meta universe technology to connect the exhibition site in Amsterdam with our company through time and space. You can know the scene at home. This is also a new way of daily training, visit, explanation and after-sales service of TVX in the future.


Punch 04:Free trial of new products



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