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TVX Importer/Distributor Partner


Industry opportunities

* The global cleaning industry now generates several hundred billions of dollars annually;

* It is the general trend that automated machine cleaning is replacing manual cleaning;

* Going one-step further, the future trend is automated intelligent (robotic) cleaning equipment is replacing traditional manually operated cleaning equipment.

* Today’s cleaning industry is a combination of product technology and local support and service. It is demanded that manufacturers produce high-tech/high-quality products, but users also demand local support and service to train on proper use and provide repair services and technical support.. This is our common opportunity. We invite you to join us.

Brand advantage:

In less than ten years TVX has grown to become a recognized global brand, known for its excellent quality to price ratio. TVX stands for professional, high-tech, high-quality equipment.

We continue to push brand awareness through active participation in all kinds of mediums – internet channels, social media, traditional advertising, global exhibition attendance, expanded sales force, etc., looking to assist our importer/distributor partners. 

Technical advantages:

TVX continues to aggressively invest in R & D and technological innovation through collaboration with partner companies, universities, and research institutes.  TVX is headquartered in Nanjing, China – known for having a large concentration of science and technology universities and research institutes.  This provides TVX with a steady stream of technically skilled, high-level talent to further enhance our technical innovation.

Profit Margin advantages:

TVX provides country and/or region sales protection.  We believe in protecting the territories of our partners by limiting the number of distributor partners in a given area.

TVX core technology and exclusive innovative offerings provide machine features and benefits exclusive to TVX partner companies.

TVX brand awareness and reputation provide support for product sales.

Local protected service support assures an ongoing source of profitable revenue.

Win-win concept and data sharing:

Mutual benefit for TVX and our partners comes from the strong belief that all partnerships should be based on a win-win philosophy. TVX wins when our partners win, and vice-versa. 

TVX invests heavily in customer support.  We strive to give our importer/distributor partners “best-in-industry” support in terms of communication and documentation on marketing, production schedules, delivery times, logistic support, after-sales and warranty support, etc.

We share marketing information and promotion - and forward leads generated to the appropriate distributors for follow-up.

Who is Team TVX and what can you expect from being one of our partners:

* TVX strives to be a warm and welcoming partner. We aim to be a “customer first” company. We gauge success by our customers success.

* TVX is rapidly growing - annual sales growth exceeds 50% per year for three consecutive years.

* TVX is on a passionate mission. It is our goal to educate and support the cleaning industry - by striving to change the way humans clean to create a cleaner and greener world for all.

TVX is a pleasant and warm team. It is our consistent adherence to keep customers in mind and help customers anytime.


TVX Importer/Distributor requirements:

1.Passion for cleaning, or the willingness to adapt and learn!
2.Belief in partnerships and a win-win philosophy.

• Legal business license in territory/region of interest
• Office, warehouse, and service facility
• Sales and service staff

4.Agree to a yearly sales target/forecast with TVX
5.Active sales promotion in the territory
6.Respect territorial rights of others.

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